Ewan, The Dream Sheep

I love this little sheep. I’d never heard of them until my mum bought us one as a gift for our first born. It’s supposed to replicate the sounds from the womb to comfort baby. A lot of people tend to think babies need peace and quiet to sleep when in fact noise is a lot more comforting to them. If you think about it, they’ve spent 9 months inside you (it’s not quiet in there) and it’d definitely not quiet on the outside either, they hear everything you hear so it’s no surprise that this works. I like the heartbeat/womb setting, it even soothes me!

I played it for my son everytime I put him down for a nap and at bed time and eventually he learned to take himself off to sleep. He’s 2 now and he still likes it on! We have the purple one for our other son and he likes it just as much. It’s just so handy if they stir in the night and need settling, instead of me picking him up and rocking him back to sleep I just put Ewan on and eventually he drifts back off to sleep himself.

Obviously it wasn’t instant, I’ve been using it since they were born so its a sound they have become used to and associate sleep with. There are other white noise things out there, I would just recommend this one 🙂


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