Holidaying with 2 under 2: My advice

Nap time = essential!

My advice would probably be, don’t bother just yet. We went on holiday to Turkey with our 1 year old last year and had a lovely time. We were accompanied by my mum, step dad, sister, brother-in-law, neice, brother and sister-in-law, so it was a nice sized group and not to mention, multiple baby sitters to hand. We stayed at Jiva Beach Resort in Fethiye, it was all inclusive and amazing, I’ve never been on an all inclusive holiday before but with children it just seemed to much easier.

Now with 2 children, one nearly 2 and the other 5 months old, we thought ‘ahh, a holiday would be lovely, just what we need.’ How wrong could we be? It was nothing like travelling with just a 1 year old, you’d think it would maybe be twice as difficult with a second but it wasn’t, it was 10 times as difficult.

Firstly, the amount of things you have to take! Travel cot, car seat, a suit case each, a carry on each, the nappy bag and a stroller/pram of some sort. We travelled with my sister, brother-in-law and their daughter so we had a little bit of help with some of the things but it was still hard work!

We get checked in and we’ve got about an hour and half before boarding, loads of time! Not really, we need to eat food, feed the children, get the essentials ready for the flight (ie. making sure you have everything to hand that you might need whilst on the flight, change of clothes, nappies, snacks, drinks, things to keep the children entertained etc, the last thing you want to be doing is getting up and down rummaging around for things).

To be fair the plane journey wasn’t too bad. We were only travelling to Palma so it wasn’t too long either. Our eldest was a little bit fidgety when we first got on as he had to be strapped to his dads lap for take off. He had a little bit of a strop but we gave him a snack while everyone was boarding and once on the runway he was fast asleep by take off. The youngest was fairly easy to deal with as I was breastfeeding at this point so whenever he moaned I popped him on the boob and he had a little snooze.

Ill keep the part about getting off the plane short and sweet. It was hard work, gathering all the baggage and finding the coach and loading us all on and then having to keep the children happy whilst we waited for others. Made worse by the warm weather obviously.

The main thing for me that I just had not considered was that our youngest, Leo, did not like the cold pool water but Zach absolutely LOVED it, he could not wait to get to the splash park every day, he’d of stayed in there all day and not eaten if we’d have let him. Obviously this meant me and my husband had to take it in turns with playing in the splash park with Zach and sitting poolside with Leo, therefore we could never really play together and enjoy each others company as a family. With breastfeeding at the time also meant I had to be around incase Leo needed feeding so I felt a little bit restricted with what I could do and where I could go.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely holiday and one I will remember but not one that I enjoyed to its fullest. It could have quite possibly been improved with better accommodation. If you’re reading this and you’re in the same boat, please don’t feel disheartened about your holiday, it may be different for you or you might be able to avoid the things that went wrong for us.

We’re booking our holiday for next year before Christmas while all the things we didn’t like about this holiday are fresh in our minds so we know what to look out for when booking our next one to make it a better experience. For example, we are defiantly going to be paying that little bit extra for private transfers as its so much easier and stress free not having to wait for other people. We won’t be holidaying on a budget either, we decided we’d rather pay that bit extra for a nicer hotel too. Also, Leo will be 18months old and Zach almost 3 so it will be a lot more manageable! We hope.

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