In the hospital: After birth

I’m not sure about you, but I hate hospitals. I wanted to spend as little time there as possible after having my baby. Unfortunately, because of my third degree tear I had to go into surgery and have a catheter fitted. This HAD to stay in for 48 hours so I knew thats the minimum time I was going to be in there.

Having a catheter is so uncomfortable, I’m not going to lie to you, if you end up having to have one, best of luck. Having to go empty a bag of wee every so often is not much fun and moving around is difficult so make sure you’ve got someone there to help. My husband pretty much stayed with me the entire time. There was just one time he popped home for a shower and to get loads of snacks, which are essential by the way! The hospital food was okay but I was starving all the time! And obviously they only feed you, not your partner.

The ward was very noisy, when all you want to do is sleep, its pretty much impossible. I’m not saying my child is perfect by any means but he was the quietest baby on the ward and never cried once, therefore it should have been easy for me to get sleep but due to the noise from others and their visitors and the discomfort of my catheter this was just beyond impossible, we couldn’t wait to get out of there.

A few health professionals popped by shortly after the birth to check on us and do babies observations and then left you for the night but kept checking on you every now and again to see if you were okay (and not falling asleep with baby in your arms like I did). They were all so lovely and helpful, I definitely can’t say anything bad about the staff, I’m just not a fan of hospitals full stop and I knew I would feel so much more relaxed in the comfort of our own home.

The next morning a few more people stopped by to check on baby and do a few more tests, one of which was a hearing test. She couldn’t get a clear reading from his right ear so she said she’d come back later. When she did eventually come back she said she still couldn’t get the reading so she would try again later. I was thinking to myself ‘I’m not going to be hear ‘later!’ But we were, we were there a total of 3 days which felt like 3 weeks. The next day she got a reading from his ear and everything was fine. All I needed to do now was have my catheter removed, do a wee and we’re off! I wish it had been that easy. It was 5am and my husband was bringing me cup of water after cup of water to make sure I’d be able to wee when my catheter got removed at 6am.

I did a wee pretty much straight away which the maternity care assistant saw and then said she would go get our papers together and get us discharged, this was at 7am, yet we didn’t step foot out of the hospital until 4pm that day!

I know not everyone is in a rush to get home but its so much easier and comfier in you’re own home. So my advice is, which we did with our second, ask questions! Chase the staff that are doing your babies checks and say that ‘they’ll be back later’. My husband was running around after everyone the second time saying ‘Oh the baby’s awake now you can come do his tests’. They have so many people on the ward that they will forget about you temporarily, they’re in no rush. Our second was born at 10:33pm and we were home the following afternoon at about 2pm, it was amazing!


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