My Labour Story

It was a Tuesday evening about 18:30. 3 days before my due date. My husband was about a 30minute drive away at his friends house doing some electrical work for them. I was just doing about tidying while getting my tea ready. I opened the fridge and knocked my bump. I was fretting about it for a while wondering if I’d harmed the baby in any way but before I could do anything about it, my waters broke. It was now 19:00. I always wondered what waters breaking would feel like, every one is different but this literally just felt I did an uncontrolled wee. It trickled down my leg and left a little puddle on the tiles. I thought, ‘I’ll just go sit on the loo incase theres more.’ Sure enough there was, every little move I made a little bit more would trickle out. So I stayed put in the bathroom.

Firstly, I called my husband who initially thought I was joking. I mean really, why on earth would I think it would be a good idea to joke about this so close to my due date? Anyway, after he realised it wasn’t a joke he had to leave his friends in darkness (having not yet finished their electrics) and head home so we could go to the hospital. I called the Maternity Assessment unit to double check what I needed to do. She advised me to get there as soon as I could so they can be sure it is my waters that had broken (I mean, it was obvious that it was, I was soaked).

My husband arrived home. I managed to get the baby bag and hospital bag to the front door so we could get straight off. I’d put one of this massive maternity pads on to try and absorb anymore leakage that may occur on the way to the hospital, very absorbent, it did a great job!

The whole way there I kept getting shooting pains and clenching my husbands hand as I waddled to the ward. As soon as we got there I had to do a wee sample. Everything was fine except the wee showed signs that baby had done a poo. She assured us that this was nothing to worry about but that they would have to monitor us closely. She also did a quick check that everything else was okay and baby’s head was where it should be. She was then quite shocked to tell me I was already 5cm dilated and had to head straight over to delivery!

I was thinking to myself, ‘well thank goodness for that!’. The last thing I wanted was a long labour. It was about 20:30 after I’d arrived on the delivery ward and the midwife had done all her checks and given me the gas and air (which I didn’t think really worked, it was more of a distraction than anything). My mum had arrived to lend a helping hand if need be. She also brought the essentials; snack and sugary drinks (raspberry lemonade, oh my god that stuff tasted amazing during labour.)

Anyway, the midwife went on to tell me that they check on you every 4 hours to assess everything which would mean it would have been 00:30. I laughed and said, ‘this baby isn’t staying in here for another 4 hours.’ She did a few other bits and was just about to leave at around 21:00 when I said ‘I feel like I need to push.’ Which is a really weird sensation, I always wondered when watching ‘One born every minute’, I’m like, ‘but how does she know she needs to push?!’ Well believe me, you’ll know!

So on every big contraction I pushed, I pushed and I pushed. I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. They called a Doctor in because I was really struggling to get babies head out and he’d been there a while. In the end the Doctor used forceps and baby was out within a matter of minutes! I can’t believe the relief you feel when the baby comes out, like a deflated balloon! Apparently the rest of my waters followed baby out and drenched the Doctor. Whoops. But there he was, our beautiful baby boy at 22:32, just 3 and a half hours after my waters broke and a 3rd degree tear, he was here.

I have so much appreciation for women who are in labour hours on end, I don’t know how you do it! You’re super women and you deserve medals!

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