My Pregnancy Story

I found out I was pregnant the first week of February 2017. We started trying for a baby after we had got back from our honeymoon at the end of November 2016. I consider us to be one of the lucky couples that managed to conceive quite quickly as I know some people can be trying for months, sometimes years. But I hoped it wouldn’t take too long as we’re both fairly healthy, neither of us smoke, drink heavily or are over weight, all of which can impact your chances quite a bit. We did everything we could to better our odds but we never put any stress on the relationship about ‘trying’. We never told people we were ‘trying.’ I stopped taking the pill and whatever happened happened and that was that. Sometimes I think if you put too much pressure on yourselves this can have a negative effect because as the months go on you start questioning why you aren’t getting pregnant. So my advice would be; don’t ‘start trying’ for a baby, just remove whatever goal posts are in the way and continue as normal.

The first trimester I was quite nauseous most of the time. I was never actually sick, thank goodness! But I might as well of been, my tummy felt like it was constantly churning. I’d gone off spicy food which was sad because I bloody love a curry! Quite luckily though, my cravings were fruit! I’d give anything for a cold, crunchy, sweet, red grape! They were my favourite, if I ran out of them then a cold Pink Lady was next on the menu followed by a honeydew melon.

When I wasn’t working, falling asleep at midday was a regular occurrence and by 8-9pm I was fast asleep. I can’t believe how tired you become! But in saying that, your body is growing another little human inside it which sounds like a lot of hard work!

I took the Pregnacare multivitamins during my first pregnancy but after speaking with my midwife during my second pregnancy I just took Asda’s own pregnancy multivitamins as you get a lot more for less money and they’re exactly the same!

I was very lucky to not have any complications during my pregnancy. The second trimester was a breeze and I enjoyed being able to feel the baby grow, although I had a few visits to the Maternity Assessment unit with reduced movements. I felt so silly at the time but they would rather you go in and be sure than think ‘ah it’ll be okay’, as you just don’t know what could be going on, so it’s always best to check!

Come the third trimester, I was not a happy bunny. I know there are a lot of women out there that are unable to conceive or carry their own babies naturally so I absolutely appreciated and loved every moment of my pregnancy and I would do it over and over, but! For me, it is so uncomfortable. I am quite an independent person, I love being able to do everything myself, do what I want etc. but when you’re pregnant there are so many restrictions! I love myself a glass of wine and a medium steak, can’t do that. I love myself a good nights sleep, can’t do that, I love myself a red hot soak in the bath, can’t do that. Get my drift?

By the end, like most, I just wanted baby to be out. I was fed up of sleeping on my side (I’m a back sleeper, another thing you’re not allowed to do a lot of during the last few months!) my hips were aching like crazy, my lower back was in agony, I just wanted to meet my baby and get back to normal. I’m sure many of you can relate. I was told regular sex or a whole pineapple once a day would induce labour. I was in no mood for sex so a pineapple it was! I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or not but the following evening I went into labour…

(See My Labour Story for how it all went)

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